House Cleanout: Ways to Keep your Home Tidy and Stress-Free

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If you are ready to organize your home for a simpler life, then you are also prepared for a new lifestyle. Below we’ll help you with some simple ways to keep your home tidy and stress-free. There’s no point in organizing if the change isn’t permanent, so we’re going to help you step by step to get your home under control.

  1. Set an Achievable Goal

Separate the rooms of the house by blocks or sections to make sure you don’t overlook any area or feel overwhelmed by all the work to be done. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it! It can be fun to declutter if as a couple or family. Everyone can go through their belongings and start separating those things that can be discarded, donated, or repaired. 

  1. Group Similar Items Together

For ease of access and to remember where things will be, it is helpful to group by similarity. For example, put all of your cleaning supplies in the same place, all winter clothes stored in one spot, and so on. While doing these tasks, continue sorting and try to remove items for disposal as soon as possible.

  1. Designate a Place

Designate a specific place for each group of belongings, in drawers, furniture, rooms, or cupboards. It will allow you to find things quickly when you need them and keep order in the home.

You may ask yourself, “What if I don’t have enough storage for everything?” Then it may be time to reconsider how much use you’re making of certain items. If you have more coats than hooks, maybe it’s time to donate or give away those items you use the least.

  1. Experiment with Creative Solutions

Reuse plastic containers to store and stack infrequently used items such as Christmas ornaments. This way you will gain space, and there will be fewer objects scattered around the house. You can also label them, so you don’t forget what storage boxes contain.

If you need to store frequently used items such as blankets for the sofa, you can use decorative baskets. Use vertical shelves to save space, even hooks behind cabinet doors where you can hang organizers or accessories.

It is also an excellent option to implement hooks to hang pots and pans in the kitchen. For smaller compartments such as drawers, you can use dividers. To save money, you can divide them with cardboard and have everything within reach as soon as you open the drawers without having to rummage through them. 

  1. Junk Removal

Take everything out of their spots to get an idea of how much stuff you actually have, then select what is worth keeping or even choose if some items go elsewhere in the house.

If you are trying to organize a space in your home such as the garage, don’t get frustrated; sometimes it’s necessary to call the professionals. Luckily, junk removal professionals like Junk Dawgs can help you sort through each item and deal with the debris.

Benefits of a House Cleanout

Keeping order in the house has many health benefits, reduces stress, and increases mental clarity and energy. It helps to rest better and relax. Many specialists even affirm that tidying up your house helps to put your thoughts in order. In addition, you can maximize your time since you find things faster, important papers are not missing, and you can concentrate on your tasks without distractions or interruptions. 

If you don’t know what to do with old furniture, appliances, and junk you no longer use, rely on Junk Dawgs.

Our team knows who is the best in your area at cleaning out junk rooms. So, request your free, no-obligation house cleanout estimate in Murrieta, CA, and don’t worry about a thing – leave the cleanout to the experts! 

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