Are you looking for a junk removal service in Inland Empire, CA? Junk Dawgs is just a phone call away! We provide an efficient and affordable solution to all your needs. Let our team come directly to you and remove unwanted items quickly, reliably, and safely. Don’t procrastinate any longer – contact Junk Dawgs today to see how we can help make your life a little easier!



Junk Dawgs provides professional and friendly junk removal services that make your life more convenient. We are committed to making your cleanup project go quickly and smoothly without you lifting a finger. We come prepared with the proper tools, a friendly attitude, and attention to detail that creates an experience you'll love from start to finish. Our team takes pride in being able to offer our services for all types of junk removal, cleanout, and light demolition needs, so no matter what kind of space you need to be cleaned up, we have you covered! With years of experience in the field, we have gained the trust of our customers by providing an unbeatable service with no mess and no fuss. We have the knowledge and skill to ensure your job is done right the first time—plus fast and efficient service so you can enjoy your newly decluttered space in no time!

Light Demolition

JUNK REMOVAL Inland Empire, CA

In today’s world, one of the best ways to maximize your indoor and outdoor space is through junk removal. Whether planning a large-scale renovation project or needing a quick spot clean, junk removal offers numerous benefits. Professional cleaners are not only more efficient, but they also provide an advantage in the quality of their work. They can deliver a thorough job that DIY efforts cannot match through access to special removal tools and equipment.

At Junk Dawgs, we strive to make your life easier regarding junk removal. From single-item pickups to complete home and office cleanouts, our experienced team is here for you every step of the way! We can help you free up space in your home or workspace safely and conveniently. Whether it’s a mattress, old furniture, construction debris, or even an entire garage filled with unwanted items – every job is manageable for our team. We offer fast response times and unbeatable customer service to ensure your project goes smoothly. Get in touch today at (909) 712-9525, and let us do the hard work for you!


Junk Dawgs is here to help make your life easier! If you need help with junk removal or a thorough cleanout, our team is ready to tackle any job, big or small. Certified in safety and hauling, we get the job done quickly and efficiently. Have peace of mind knowing Junk Dawgs does it right – saving you time, effort, and money.

Construction Debris Removal

We can handle all of your construction-related mess! From minor remodel clutter to significant demolition debris, we'll help you get the job done fast and efficiently. Let us take care of hauling away those old materials, so you have one less thing to worry about when it comes time for new building projects.

Furniture Removal

Get rid of your old construction furniture in a blink-and-you'll miss it with Junk Dawgs! We'll do all the heavy lifting and make it disappear from your to-do list - quickly and easily.

Debris Removal

Make sure your property is debris-free - Junk Dawgs is here to help! Our expert team offers professional cleanup services so you can keep things looking spick and span.

Appliance Removal

Upgrade your living space with Junk Dawgs! We're equipped to remove those old fridges and ovens in a snap. We'll come right over and take care of all your unwanted appliance removal needs.

Carpet Removal

If a ratty old rug has been cramping your style, we can help you start fresh! Our expert Carpet Removal services will quickly take care of that shabby floor covering so you can move on to more pressing matters.

Bulky Item Pickup

Get rid of all your bulky items quickly and easily! Junk Dawgs can come to the rescue with our convenient bulky item pickup service. Don't let those oversized, old items weigh you down any longer - trust us for a quick and hassle-free disposal solution today!

Yard Waste Removal

Make your yard work easier! We offer to remove all types of unwanted debris, from leaves and branches to weeds - no job is too big or small. Let's get started making your outdoor space shine again today!

Hot Tub Removal

Forget the days of sweating it out in your backyard. Don't let a cumbersome hot tub weigh down your home - our team will quickly and easily remove it from your space. Let us take this heavy burden off your shoulders so you can enjoy the simpler things in life again.

Every day is a new chance to make a positive difference in Inland Empire, CA, and that’s why Junk Dawgs is here! We provide top-notch cleanout services tailored to meet our customers’ needs best. Whether you need help removing unwanted furniture or disposing of piles of trash and debris, our expertise and commitment to getting the job done right make us the premier choice for all your cleanout service needs! When choosing Junk Dawgs, you can be confident knowing you’re entrusting your space with experienced professionals.

Garage Cleanouts

Clear the clutter and freshen up your garage with Junk Dawgs! Our professional team can help you eliminate all that unwanted junk so that you can make space for new memories. Get ready to experience a whole new level of organization in your life!

Basement Cleanouts

Don't let a messy basement keep you down. Let us help make your space clutter-free with their convenient basement cleanouts. Jumpstart your home organizing today and enjoy the satisfaction of an orderly living area.

Attic Cleanouts

Jazz up your home by getting an attic cleanout! Let us do the heavy lifting and watch our team transform cluttered spaces into a fresh, organized look. Enjoy more storage space without breaking a sweat!

Hoarding Cleanouts

We are here to help put the mess of hoarding away! With our top-of-the-line cleanout services, we'll transform your space into an orderly and organized retreat. Let us restore your order in no time - contact us for a fast and friendly solution!

Commercial Cleanouts

For any significant messes needing a cleanout, we are here to help! Our commercial services make light work of getting rid of clutter and chaos. Let us do the hard work, so you don't have to - it's time for your space to get sparkly again!

Estate Cleanouts

Junk Dawgs understands this is a tough time for everyone, so we're here to offer estate cleanouts. We'll take the load off your shoulders while you focus on what matters most.

Office Cleanouts

Let us help you clear the junk out of your office! We can deliver the perfect service to remove all of that unwanted clutter. Make more room for productivity and get a fresh start; we'll take care of everything else!

Home Cleanouts

Have a hectic home you don't have time to sort through? Let the Junk Dawgs help! With our professional and friendly home cleanout services, we can make any living space look spotless in no time.

Apartment Cleanouts

Get your home back in shape and give yourself the gift of a sparkling apartment! Let our team take care of all your household clutter needs so you can reclaim your space and start living life clutter-free.

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Got a property that needs clearing? Let the Junk Dawgs take care of it! Don't worry about organizing and removing anything yourself. Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your life easier.

HOA Cleanouts

Keep your home and community looking its best with Junk Dawgs HOA cleanouts! We're here to help ensure that even the most challenging cleanout job has a happy ending.

Looking to get some light demolition work done Inland Empire, CA? Look no further than Junk Dawgs! Friendly and professional, we’re equipped to handle any project with care. Offering residential and commercial services, our team can tear out anything from old door frames to sheetrock walls – even small backyard sheds. So if you’re looking for light demolition services in the Redlands area, turn to the proven specialists at Junk Dawgs. Reach out today at (909) 712-9525 and let us know how we can help!

Swing Set Removal

Have a swing set in your yard that you don't know what to do with? Let Junk Dawgs take the strain! We can efficiently remove any play structure, so nothing is holding you back from getting outside and enjoying your space.

Above-Ground Pool Removal

Don't let your above-ground pool become a stagnant eyesore in the backyard any longer. Get rid of it quickly and safely with our hassle-free removal service. Say goodbye to unwanted collections today!

Bathrooms Removal

Out with the old and in with the new! We're making room for an exciting renovation by removing unwanted or old bathrooms. Let's start looking forward to a bright future with updated amenities!

Deck Removal

Time for a fresh start! Give your outdoor area a spruce by removing that old, tired deck. With us on the job, you'll have more time to kick back and enjoy all that open-air living offers.

Fence Removal

Looking for a way to get rid of that pesky fence in your backyard? Our team will swoop into action and do the job quickly so you can move on with your day. Get ready to see what it feels like to be free from those old, bulky fences!

Shed Removal

Let Junk Dawgs take that old shed off your hands! We can do the job hassle-free, freeing up precious space on your property. No more worrying about having to tend to an eyesore – let us handle it for you!



We're not a ragtag team of amateurs but a licensed business with plenty of experience.


Our team can carry away your heavy junk items and a truck ready to get loaded up, too.


We do all the work from start to finish, so you don't even have to lift a finger. Just relax!


Another one of our high priorities is giving you a good value for the services you need. You'll love our prices!

Taking care of the environment is essential, and eco-friendly junk removal can help! At Junk Dawgs, we know how important it is to care for the environment. We carefully evaluate the materials leaving our client’s properties and ensure they get recycled, reused, or responsibly disposed of whenever possible. Our team works hard daily to ensure your junk is removed with as minimal environmental impact as possible. So if you need dependable and responsible junk removal, Junk Dawgs is the company you are looking for!

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What Clients Say About Junk Dawgs

Makayla Howe
Makayla Howe
Thank you Anthony & Jose for being quick and thorough! Came same day also Very respectful and nice 👍
Melissa Clazie
Melissa Clazie
Colton and Jose were absolutely wonderful! They were upfront with the cost and were able to save us some money! We will gladly use junk dawgs again!
Samantha Walker
Samantha Walker
Courteous, prompt, quick. Anthony and Jose were great! Thank you for the service.
Danae Scott
Danae Scott
What an amazing crew and office staff! From the quick reply to my message from Ryan to answer questions (and later to actually schedule the appointment) to Anthony and Joe who got the the job done quickly and efficiently. They even got here early on a same day appointment to get rid on a non working spa to make useful space. We are thrilled at their work and highly recommend them.
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Amazing job! Colten came to my house (all the way in the mountains) on time and single handedly took my double door counter depth fridge fridge out of my galley kitchen within the timeframe that was scoped for the job. Super nice guy and respectful of my home as well. I'm so grateful for his help and kindness. Awesome job, and a great service! Highly recommend Junk Dawgs and would absolutely pay for their services again!
Daisy Mercado
Daisy Mercado
It was overwhelming the amount of junk I had in my garage but thanks to the quick and amazing job of Anthony and Ty I don’t have to worry about it anymore! They were truly great and would definitely hire again!
Mark Benge
Mark Benge
Jose and Joseph went above and beyond the call of customer service. This is a rare quality these days. Highly recommend!
I called Junk Dawgs in the morning, and got an appointment for the same day. Jose and Joseph, were very professional, they called before they arrived which was right in the middle of the time window I chose. They were attentive when I was explaining what I wanted taken away. They loaded the items on the truck, and cleaned the area up with a leaf blower even. It was a fast and pleasant experience, I will call them next time i need some junk hauled away. Thanks guys, Robert Simms
Denise White
Denise White
Great service and solid work. Jose and Joe were great!!
Sheba Talamantez
Sheba Talamantez
Junk Dawgs were great! I had two old sheds that needed to be removed. Jose and Joseph were awesome! They were on time and very professional. They did an amazing job and cleaned up well afterwards. Thank you!

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Have you got junk? Let Junk Dawgs help! Whether you need to clean out a cluttered garage or haul away an old refrigerator, our team is up to the task. Plus, we’re also committed to providing our clients with fantastic customer service! Contact us today if you need any assistance with your project—we would love to hear from you.